Mother of the year!

So I had just stepped into the shower this morning, when I heard Natalie (3) start crying. However, my children are prone to drama. Where do they get that? * ahem *

"Mommy will be there in just a minute!" Or 10. I debated hopping out to see what the deal was, but inevitably it's always something like a stubbed toe or a broken toy. Mommy needs a shower. Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, crying continues. Screaming. Sounds a little hysterical. Good grief we're in high dramatic form today. Then I get out of the shower and go track her down. She is huddled on her bed with Gie (pronounced like the French "Guy"). Turns out she'd taken a sand pail which she uses to haul small toys, and put it on her head. Where it got stuck. She's got the red line on her neck from the handle to prove it.

So, to recap, my child nearly strangled herself on a sand toy while I lather, rinsed, repeated. Nice.

I mentioned before we're reducing our carbon imprint by not using our tv or Directv receiver for 2-3 days. Ok, fine. It's totally unintentional. The receiver was going wacky. In the middle of live tv (rather than tivoed), it would pause. Freeze. Skip. Start again. Hiccup, if you will.

So Captain America called Directv. And they started to walk him through "fixing" it. Unplug for 30 seconds. So he did. And when he plugged it back in, we had nothing. Just a black screen. Unplug it again, and we got fuzz. Plug it in, it goes black. No live tv. No tivoed tv. NOTHING. {cue my hyperventilating}

After some fast talking, it's of course no longer under warranty (it was old). But since we're out of contract with them, we were able to sign back up for 2 years and get a new free receiver. They'd send us one of their DVR's. To which Captain America said, "Is there any way we can get a Tivo?" So we are. YES. In 2-3 business days.
{cue my hyperventilating}

I guess on the plus side, I've had nothing to tempt me away from working in the evenings, and I've read a few more chapters of Jane Eyre. But please. Please, sweet Jesus, let the Tivo come today.


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

lol yeah, i'm there. THe only way we can watch shows is to DVR them. And the beautimous part of living where we're living (said with dripping sarcasm) is that THERE IS NO NBC FOR DISH PEOPLE. Not for DirecTV, not for Dish Network. No Law and Order SVU, no America's Got Talent, no Chuck, no Heroes (although they show Heroes on another channel, thankfully). We have been SO UPSET since the move here. They want us to MOUNT a fricken antenna to our roof, which will do NO GOOD since

a) the military says no. Its their house. That's the rules, yo.
b) They don't care about a).
c) Feb 2009 it all goes digital anyway, which will mean, for this ONE FRICKEN CHANNEL we'd need to spend $100-ish to get them to give us a "box" and fix it so we COULD watch NBC.

All so they don't have to grant us the ability to watch the NBC affiliates from NY and CA (which is what we have for everyone else, since NBC here in Louisiana blows goats and wants to deny our request because they want to squeeze the dish networks out of every last dime to be paid more, and only grants cable customers aka customers-who-like-to-blow-away-money-for-crappier-service the ability to watch NBC).

*whew* there's my vent for the day. How ya like dem apples? lol

So the long and short of it, I feel ya.