Brain freeze

And not the fun, Slurpee kind.

I think my brain has frozen. Today school was canceled due to "extreme temperatures." At noon, despite the -21 actual temperature, I loaded up the girls to drop them at Grandma's so I could get a hair cut & color. Because I am a Minnesnowtan. And I don't care anymore how cold it is. Mommy needed fresh color, for a fresh outlook.

Here's the part where my brain froze: it didn't seem that bad out. I mean, after -10 or so, what's the difference? It's all freezing your face off. Literally. You walk briskly from the parking lot. You run your car for a while before you go. Whatever.

I'm over you, Minnesnowta.


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Wow. Totally not cool.

Soo... where are the pics, Ms. Fresh Outlook of said Fresh Color?