Winter blahs

Oh I have the winter blahs. Not like, "Gee, I'm kinda sick of winter." More like winter has beaten me down. I think I could pretty much diagnose myself with SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder). Who doesn't love a good self-diagnosis? I mean, once again this morning I took kids to school in -17 degrees. How's a girl supposed to deal with constant below zero temps?

But cyberfriends, you are coming to the rescue. Yeah, I made it a requirement to win something. So what? Y'all have been giving me some great ideas. (I totally didn't pull off that "y'all", did I? I'll keep trying)

Some of you have suggested a trip to someplace warmer. What a great idea!!! First, please click here. I'll wait. Ok, and those of you who suggested going outside anyway -- perfectly reasonable and a great idea. But not really a good option in the sub zero.

Here are some suggestions that I'm passing on to all my fellow winter blah-ers. If you live someplace slightly warmer, you might want to browse the comments here for ideas that involve things like going outside.

Aimee said...

We took the kids to an indoor water park to help with the "winter blahs"...that'd be my suggestion.

Great idea Aimee! The girls would love that! I don't really like swimming, but it would probably be nice and warm. I'll put it on the list of possibilities.
Megan said...

When I lived in what felt like the coldest place in the world-Rexburg, ID, I would go tan. Maybe not the best thing for you but, it was so warm and I liked tricking myself into thinking it was summer. Of course, a spray tan would do that trick to, I suppose.

I'm considering this one, and the others who suggested it. Yes, not good for me. But as the palest in the land, I'm only doing 10 minutes anyway, and probably just weekly or so. For a little while. I would warm up, and feel like I'd maybe been somewhere warm. Also going on my list of options.
Leah said...

My Mom gets the winter blahs and she took up crocheting. She must have made 60 hats so far this winter, but it keeps her busy and she loves finding new patterns.

This cracked me up. When I sit down for my own personal craft time, it's easy to get caught up in it. That's why I almost always have 20 pairs of earrings on hand for gifts.
The Jacobson Family said...

Bring some Spring inside---get some potted flowers and display them around your home!

I tend to kill plants (plus our cat chews on them), but I'm considering a silk plant. Or I might pick up a cheap bouquet of flowers and put them next to my computer.
Carolyn G said...

I beat the blahs by exercising and also cooking! The cooking sort of defeats the exercise though.

Exercise. Not my favorite. Although, I admit, I did pop in a workout DVD last week and I felt a little better.
Michelle said...

lots and lots of deep moisture lotion so you won't dry up in the house! Hot chocolate, a warm fleecy fuzzy blanket, get some sun at least once a day.

You're not kidding on the lotion, Michelle. It's insane. So far I feel like Curel has been the least greasey, but most moisturizing. And just now at lunch I sat in the sun at our table for a good 20 minutes. I feel a little perked up.

EllyBean said...

These are really cute! Best way to cheer up during the winter is with book! They can take you anywhere and it's good to get a little lost in a book sometimes :)

I will now finally admit that I have read the Twilight series 3 times. There. I said it. I also read Jane Eyre. And a Sophie Kinsella book. A good book under a down comforter is good. My trouble is when my family needs dinner and keeps hearing, "Just one more chapter..."
Anonymous said...

To combat winter blahs we do crafts. The kids love getting out glue and paper! LOL

Sometimes we all curl up on the sofas and watch movies too, and have dinner in the livingroom.


Oh Rebecca. So much crafting. It never ends here. I cannot buy enough scotch tape. There are always scraps of paper to be swept up, and I think there's a sticker stuck to the bottom of every slipper I own. Dinner in the living room with movies...now we're talking. I'm not sure it will make me feel less wintry, but it would be fun.
Emily said...

1) Wear bright colored scarves...OldNavy has a ton of super-fun scarves right now.
2) Wine. Seriously. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and its only 2 weightwatchers points.
3) Pluck your eyebrows. It hurts so bad you'll forget what you were thinking about before that was making you feel all blah.
4) Adult-only time...if you know what I mean? And I think you do since you have 2 children...
5) Lavendar or linen scented candles.
6) build an igloo or have a snoball fight...living in Texas I never get to do this, but I did when I was growing up- and the memories are priceless!

Emily (www.nickandemilystrittmatter.blogspot.com)

Emily is a girl after my heart. I'm ready to jump into scarves now. And I could go for a glass of wine. You won't find me outside til it hits at least 25 though. I'm going to get out some candles this afternoon.
Fran said...

For winter blah's, plan an indoor beach party.

An indoor beach party... that could be fun. Let me think about it. Hostessing is not my forte, but it's on my goal list for 2009.

divaqueenie said...

I've been painting my son's room...it's not calming, but it has given me a purpose for getting up and moving. Hope this helps!

I want to paint our downstairs bathroom (and by bathroom, I mean the small closet with a toilet & sink), but it's next to the furnace. And with the furnace constantly running, this doesn't seem like a good idea.

Lianne said...

To beat the winter blues, I like to

1. Look at beach pictures from previous summers and look forward to our next trip.

2. Light candles. Pleasant scents and the light they provide warm up any dreary day.

3. Do some fun exercise on my Wii fit. It's so much fun I forget that I'm exercising!

I'm definitely digging out some candles now. And may have to browse through some old trips. I like my Wii fit, but I wouldn't say I "forget" that I'm exercising. It's worth a shot though.
mom2anutball said...

Getting a massage always helps me!!

Hmmm... a massage... now that sounds like a very good idea. I think I still have some spa certificate left.
The Green Yak said...

Tea, a good book, and as much light as possible! I have a reading chair by the living room window with a huge lamp for exactly this reason :-)

I love tea. I am a tea junkie. I wouldn't have made it this far this winter without the Mrs. Teapot. I drink mostly red/rooibos teas. Have you been to Teavana? Oh sweet delicousness.
3boyzmom said...

For the Winter Blahs.....I like to buy a new board game that the kids have been wanting...and have some family game nights!!

I love this idea. Gathering around the table. The smell of cookies I've just baked still in the air. Joyous laughter while we each take our turn. (this is never how our game nights go. the 3 yr old gets antsy after 2 turns. the 5 yr old wants to change the rules as we go, and cries if she doesn't win. also, I don't bake much. is it just us? does it get better when they're a little older?)
Gene and Annie said...

I love homemade chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven! Also long warm showers always seem to warm me up!

I take marathon scalding hot showers. I pretty much stay in until the scalding hot water is gone. I have made chocolate chip cookies exactly twice in my life, both in the past month.

Deborah Wellenstein said...

I like dreary winter days, but a lovely indulgence is a warm bath, a candle, a glass of wine, and a great book (all at once!).

This sounds like a lovely evening.
Abby said...

I turn the heat up and eat ice cream!

I like the way you think, Abby. I may do this next week when Captain America goes to Dallas for the week.

Thank you to everyone for all the great ideas! I'll keep you posted. If you've already stopped in to win the earrings, but you've got some more winter tips, I'll sure take them!


jersey said...

Not for nothing, but I see an awful lot in this posting about why you can't do x or y. I'm thinking a brighter outlook might also help. Stop focusing on the why not and instead start actually doing some of these wonderful suggestions.

Anonymous said...

You really raked in on the ideas, girl.

I'm going to concur with turning on all your lights and the tanning booth - but everyone else MISSES the boat by a long shot.

Crafts?! Puhleaze.

Break out the booze.

And that's from someone who KNOWS.

Darcy said...

Hi! I just found your blog tonight. I loved this, as a fellow Minnesotan I know the pain you are feeling!

I liked the suggestion of tanning. My hubby has even suggested this to me to get a little color back in my whiter than white skin. It would be nice to actually get warm for once too. I've been thinking about doing the waterpark thing with the kids too but that means I have to get in a swimsuit too. Maybe I better tan first!


Anonymous said...

Not to be totally serious with all those great ideas but I actually have been diagnosed with SAD and this year I got a light therapy box (not cheap but insurance might help you) and I've been taking B-Complex and fish oil vitamins. I have seen a big improvement over last winter by doing these things. Last winter was one of the worst of my life. This one we're surviving. Don't get me wrong, we have serious cabin fever and I'm very sick of the weather but these things are helping me stay sane. It's worth a try.

Katie said...

you should take all the suggestions and make a coffee table book. kind of like that book "1001 things to make you happy," yours could be "1001 ways to survive winter"

N said...

I just realized today that snacks are really awesome in the winter time! :)

Maybe not the best thing to be doing, eating all the time, but if they're healthy snacks it should be okay. But just taking the time to get a cup of hot coffee/tea/chocolate and a little something to eat with it seems to make the day so much more special. Tea time! That's it...I think tea time should become a custom over here! :D